Here's the stuff we agreed on during that night. I forgot to send it out in an email. We also need somebody to make a page here regarding the basic introduction of the ASB


  1. Introduction (incorporating your notes into the Our Trip section)
  2. link to your pamphlet/handout (not sure how to do this yet)
  3. link to slides, if we have them
  4. photographs from Jae's collection, more than two or three! (We agreed that photographs are better than loads of text)
  5. link to the organization

Please look at delancey or kiva for a prototype— both contain an infobox that should appear on every page.


  1. "you should really think about" quotes
  2. classes to take
  3. other links


  1. we wanted a low maintenance website
  2. a page on outtakes (quotes, videos, esp!)
  3. attempting to finish prototypes before April 12!
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