Announcements from Winter Quarter 2007

Welcome ASBers!

We are incredibly excited for the upcoming Social Entrepreneurship in the Bay Area Alternative spring break class and trip. This page will contain important announcements over the course of the next quarter as well as links to important class materials.

Class Location: Building 160, Room 322
Class Time: 2:15pm-4:15pm


The required ASB Forms are here. Please fill all three pages out (if you picked up a copy in class you will only have two pages, one double-sided). Slip the completed forms under the door of Paloma 303. (In FloMo, if you get lost, call Kimber).


Coursereader information will be up for your voting by Tuesday.
Thanks to our wonderful speaker, Tina Seelig, and the leadership efforts of Jae and Kalvin, we will be entering the innovation challenge as part of Stanford's e-week. Make sure you check out for all the details.

Social Entrepreneurship highlights at E-Week are:
E-Week (Saturday Feb 24 – Saturday Mar 3)

2/24 Opening Ceremony and Launch Party 4-6pm Hewlett
The unveiling of the campus-wide innovation challenge, a competition for the group who’s idea generates the most value. There is a Social Value category!

2/25 Social Entrepreneurship: Make a difference 3-5pm Wallenberg
Hear leading funders discuss ways to support social ventures, and attend a fair showcasing early-stage social ventures from around the world.

3/2 Green is the new Red, White, and Blue – Thomas Friedman 1-2:30 Memorial Auditorium
Hear renowned author and columnist Thomas Friedman address the strategic role of sustainability and conservation for the US and the world at large.


Next week is Movie Afternoon. If you have been keeping up with class work there is nothing to prepare, so you might make some updates to the forum, the resources page, or add something to the definition challenge. You also might send around your response to Kalvin's Wal-Mart email.

If you have missed one or more classes, please make sure you have posted your make up work. I have not received much of your work, and I don't want to have to bug you personally.


  • Who is your favorite hero? What are your favorite quotes? What gets you thinking? This Friday, we will be decorating our Idea Logs, so bring quotations, pictures, stickers, or any other bling you can think of…(we will also be bringing tons of exciting materials that you can use!)
  • Please bring a laptop if you own one. We will be doing an activity requiring laptops and internet access.
  • Be sure to read Dees if you haven’t already as we’ll be discussing The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship in class. Also have a look at the optional reading, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid if you get a chance (you’ll notice that it’s a bit question-mark heavy ;) but it’s a wonderful read!)
  • Update on the definition challenge: We have 6 definitions up on the Wiki, which means 29 definitions away from a night off of dinner duty…plus a yummy dessert. Anything post-able is game…class readings, websites, handouts, speakers, videos, sound clips, wall papers…

Definition Challenge

As the quarter starts off, we have a challenge for you.

There is not one definition of Social Entrepreneurship that everyone agrees upon. In fact, each group tends to maintain one or more of their own definitions. Understanding the similarities and differences is key to understanding the current landscape of teh field. Andi and I want to challenge you to find and post as many definitions as social entrepreneurship you can. Post your definition and the source on the forum. You are also welcome to use any definitions we encounter in class—from speakers or readings. If you get to 35 unique definitions, everyone's off the hook for preparing dinnner for an evening, and we'll prepare a special dinner with dessert of your choice.

I'll even start you all off…check out the forum.


How To Change the World is available at the following online booksellers. We are working to get the book placed on reserve at Jackson Business Library for those of you who want to go to the library and read the book.
Amazon: []


Registering for the Class
In terms of class logistics, don’t worry too much about registering for the course. It is not yet listed on Axess for enrollment, but should be finalized by the first day of class. We will pass on information as it becomes available.

Class Meeting Time/Location
Fridays 2-4PM. If you have a conflict with this time, please let us know immediately. We can make arrangements to accomodate individuals, but we need to know well before the beginning of the quarter.

Our first meeting will be Friday, January 12. Because it is the first friday of the quarter, we will try to keep it to an hour. We’ll get a chance to introduce ourselves, give each of you your own idea log, and prepare for a phone interview with David Bornstein (one of the biggest names within the field of social entrepreneurship).

Winter Break Assignment
Hopefully you all have gotten a chance to begin reading David Bornstein’s book How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas. We ask that you read two chapters (any two, your choice!) before our phone conference with the author. The book is perhaps one of the first and best books on Social Entrepreneurship.

After you have done the reading, please make a post (or two) on our forum discussing your impressions of the book, questions you might have for David Bornstein, and your ideas and goals for what you would like to learn as part of this class. Please take this posting seriously, as this class is for you and we want to tailor it to your needs as much as possible.

Forum Link

Class Materials
The course reader will be available at the Stanford Bookstore. You will not need it for the first class, but will have reading for the second class meeting. We have tried to keep costs low, and think you will find the readings for the class something you will want to hold on to in the future.

Idea Logs
For more information about idea logs check out What's an idea log?

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