What do you get when you cross convicts, the homeless, and the unemployed? In Delancey Street, a residential organization for people "who have hit rock bottom," provides an alternative solution to these problems. [[image ]]

Although everyone has their personal problems, they must be a part of the social network that makes Delancey Street work. With a minimum stay of two years, this clean and modern-looking community houses a large extended family and operates as a school at the same time. Each person will take classes that will teach practical, marketable skills, and more experienced members look after 'younger' members. The bottom line? Graduating successful citizens of society through a "each one teach one" approach!

Delancey Street
At a Glance Delancey Street attempts to reform members of a community that are perceived as unwanted by educating them in marketable skill sets.
Sustainability Delancey Street doesn't take a single cent of government funding, and their operations are conducted completely on money they earn from industries like Delancey Street Movers or their restaurant!
Social Impact

Our Personal Thoughts


The idea that changing one's external circumstances could change one's mindset and lifestyle was new for me. Having people thrown into jobs that work into their internal problems from the outside seems to be antithetical to some modern psychological theory (e.g. work from the inside out), but the success of Delancey Street is definitely obvious. (etc. etc.)

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