Social Entrepreneurship Sites to Explore

Feel free to add additional links and resources as you discover them.

  • Ashoka - An organization devoted to identifying, recognizing, and supporting the work of social entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Ashoka in the New York Times
  • The Skoll Foundation - One of the big funders of social entrepreneurship. Located in downtown Palo Alto and started by the man behind eBay.
  • TerraPass - A for-profit carbon offset company.
  • Carbon Fund - A not-for-profit carbon offset company.
  • Slate Article: Making Philanthrophy Cool - "From education to health care to energy to wealth disparity to the environment, we're living proof that being a rich nation doesn't necessarily make us a great one. How can we become the latter? By developing a not-for-profit sector as creative, competitive, and well-funded as our corporate sector."
  • Launch - Check out news and comments about, a social network for social sector change.
  • Wal-Mart Controversy - The Wal-Mart Social-E Controversy.
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