Social E Challenge Kickoff

Social E-Challenge kickoff

  • keynote: Bill Drayton
  • panel: Investment models for Social Enterprises


  • Bill Drayton
    • consultant for McKinsey for 15 years
    • Assistant Administrator of the EPA during the Carter administration (1977-1981); he launched emissions trading among other reforms.
    • returned to McKinsey half-time and launched both Ashoka and Save EPA and its successor, Environmental Safety.
    • has taught law and management at Stanford Law School and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
    • MacArthur Award
    • Ashoka
      • founded Ashoka in India with a budget of less than $50,000
      • works to develop the profession of social entrepreneurship
        • identifies and invests in social entrepreneurs through stipends and professional services that allow "Ashoka Fellows" to focus full time on their ideas for leading social change in education and youth development, health care, environment, human rights, access to technology and economic development.
        • identify and support leading social entrepreneurs though a Social Venture Capital approach with the goal of elevating the citizen sector to a competitive level equal to the business sector.
      • has invested in more than 1,800 Ashoka Fellows in 60+ countries.
      • initiatives: Changemakers, Youth Venture, and Full Economic Citizenship
      • Funding
        • comes from private sources on six continents, 51% of which is from business entrepreneurs & their organizations
        • does not accept funding from government entities
    • board chair, founder for Get America Working!, Youth Venture; Community Greens
    • 15 Minutes with Bill Drayton
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Tell: We're leading the Social Entrepreneurship Alternative Spring Break program and we're currently creating a syllabus for a winter quarter class and the spring break trip. During the winter we'll be

a) How can we get started organizing a panel of Ashoka fellows in March?
b) Will you be back in the Bay Area between January and March, and if so would you be interested in meeting with our class?
c) Are there a few other people you'd recommend talking to about our trip, and can we let them know you recommended them? At Ashoka, Youth Ventures, other people in the Bay Area…

  • Debra Dunn
    • Former Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Global Citizenship for HP
      • left HP in June of 2005 after 22 years.
      • for the last 3 years of her career at HP, Debra was Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Global Citizenship - leadership responsibility for HP's global citizenship efforts. HP received widespread recognition and numerous awards globally for leadership in Global Corporate Citizenship.
    • current board member for Skoll Foundation and GlobalGiving
    • serves on the boards of Business for Social Responsibility, the China-U.S. Center for Sustainable Development and Enablis
    • currently working as an Advisor to Social Ventures around the world
    • Associate Consulting Professor at the
    • Debra holds a bachelor's degree in comparative economics from Brown University and a master's degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. She serves on the Boards of the Skoll Foundation and B Lab and the Faculty of Sustainability.
    • serves on advisory boards for the Center for Responsible Business at the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business and Harvard Business School.
    • Skoll Foundation bio

a) We'd love to visit the Skoll Foundation, but it fell through last year because they were all at Oxford. Is there someone we can talk to about that?
c) Are there a few other people you'd recommend talking to about our trip, and can we let them know you recommended them? At HP, Skoll Foundation, GlobalGiving,, Haas, other people in the Bay Area…

  • John Denniston
    • Partner, Clean Technologies (greentech industry), Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
    • member of the KPCB Partner team that many years ago conceptualized and launched KPCB's Greentech investment initiative.
    • active participant in KPCB’s Greentech Innovation Network, a network of business, academic and policy leaders who meet regularly to identify, and then pursue, the most important green technology and public policy innovations.
    • He is actively involved in Greentech public policy issues, having testified before several Congressional committees.
    • serves on the Board of Advisors of the National Renewable Energy
    • KPCB bio

a) I just had dinner with Larry Bawden at Q1Nanosystems / Bloo Power, and he was definitely an entrepreneur as opposed to a social entrepreneur— profit over societal change. Do you know any cleantech people or companies who are "in it for the social change" even though they're engaging in for-profit ventures?
b) Are there a few other people you'd recommend talking to about our trip, and can we let them know you recommended them? At KPCB, startups, other people in the Bay Area…

  • Frank Levinson
    • founder of Finisar (fiber optic networks) and Small World Group, venture philanthropist
    • Small World Group
      • combines non-profit grants, engineering support resources and resource partnering to promote the commercialization of ideas and finished products that benefit the people of the world.
      • work through partnerships with a variety of research groups, including non-profit institutes and universities.
      • funds ideas and projects that we believe will have a positive impact on the world, and where the risks surrounding the basic ideas are significant
        • provide early seed funding for these ideas, then partner with the appropriate resources to structure project work and results to lower risks over time, so that major funding can be secured from other capital sources that require lower risks before they invest.
        • also provide engineering support
    • Small World bio
  • Josh Becker
    • Founder and Chair of The Full Circle Fund
    • selected to be part of the SV100, a group of the 100 Most Influential People in Silicon Valley
    • serial entrepreneur
    • At Stanford, he co-founded the Board Fellows Program, which matches business school students with Boards at nonprofit organizations. The Program has become a national model for other business schools. Josh also ran a year-long initiative on technology and social change at Stanford.
    • Full Circle Fund
      • an alliance of VCs and entrepreneurs who help solve public problems through engaged philanthropy and public policy advocacy
      • has been essential to Mayor Newsom's initiative to bring free Wi-Fi to San Francisco
      • incubated a charter school network of five schools, and is deeply involved in the turnaround of the Oakland school district.
      • instrumental in securing money for affordable housing in Silicon Valley, creating new charter schools in California, supporting pioneering technology workforce development organizations, helping homeless families transition back to independence and now is working within the San Francisco public school system to create new small schools.


  • Drayton:
    • how has your management consulting background supported your work in social entrepreneurship?
    • how have you been able to gain the support of business entrepreneurs, and why don't you accept government funding?
    • how do you see the field of social e developing over the next 5-10 years in terms of infrastructure & support? What can be done from the policy & corporate sides, and what can individuals do?
  • Deniston
    • how can social entrepreneurs work with government/through policy?
  • Dunn
    • how do/should corporations think about supporting the social sector, and how can it align with their interests? for example, HP has directed some philanthropic efforts towards emerging markets

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