Thanksgiving Workday
  • syllabus
  • winter timeline (putting together the trip)
  • winter schedule (GDR prep)
  • group facilitation techniques
  • bonding activities
  • scheduling speakers
  • service component
  • set up wiki
  • team building strategies
  • initial survey of participants
    • post bio on wiki?
  • food planning
    • food survey: dietary restrictions, interests in helping plan/prepare
  • housing planning
  • break down budget
  • set up systems for managing contacts
  • respond to Amanda itliong

drawing on existing resources

  • urbst133, urbst131
  • Brainstorming India
  • Sophia's delicious
  • last year's ASB - syllabus, reader, trip, email contacts


  • everyone bring in an example of a social entrepreneur
  • giving everyone responsibilities within the group * e.g. food, reflection, team building
  • mini retreat?
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