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World of Good is an organization dedicated to promoting fair trade. It is composed to two separate branches, the for-profit World of Good and the non-profit World of Good: Development Organization.

World of Good's innovative hybrid business model allows the organization to address issues of fair trade through two separate avenues:

  • World of Good buys and distributes artisan crafts to retail stores with the aim of educating consumers and making fair trade goods more accessible in the consumer market. The organization works to improve the quality of life in the artisan communities by paying a fair wage, providing safe working conditions and supporting environmentally sustainable practice. Additionally, World of Good donates 10% of its profits to World of Good: Development Organization to support community development projects.
  • World of Good: Development Organization works to catalyze the development of Transparent Fair Trade Craft Standards and promote fair trade among companies and other distributors. To this end, the organization has developed a craft pricing tool, as part of its Fair Trade Wage Guide Project. Additionally, the development organization implements community development projects. Projects include building a middle school in Guatemala and digging wells for artisan communities in Kenya.
World of Good
At a Glance World of Good works to improve the lives of artisans in developing countries.
Sustainability World of Good runs a revenue-generating wholesale business providing retailers with hand-made fair-trade crafts. 10% of these profits are donated to the non-profit World of Good: Development Organization, which also uses grants and donations to fund its development projects.
Innovation World of Good is divided into two sister organizations that work closely together as part of an innovative organizational model that bridges the non-profit and for-profit divide.
Social Impact World of Good improves the lives of artisans in developing countries by providing employment and better working conditions, as well as advocating for stricter fair-trade standards. It also works to ensure that artisans around the world are compensated fairly for their work. These communities also benefit from fair trade standards development projects organized by World of Good: Development Organization.

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World of Good

World of Good: Development Organization

Whole Foods Market: one of the major distributors of World of Good merchandise

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